(801): Sorry it’s taking so long, it’s harder to take an ass pic with an iPad than you think


(801): Sorry it’s taking so long, it’s harder to take an ass pic with an iPad than you think





Mr. Case—

  I would like to start out by acknowledging that you aren’t personally responsible for the contents or creation of the homework that you’ve assigned.

Now, with that being said… 

  My daughter believes that these two top images are the same as one another. I also believe that this is quite possibly the answer that the homework is looking for. However, the top two images are not the same despite the fact that they are identical objects. The image on the right is a mirror image of the image on the left—as in, if you inverted the image, the small piece of fruit would be in front of the large piece of fruit. (If you tried to arrange it so that it was an exact match to the image on the left) Which would then obviously show two separate arrangements of fruit and two separate images.

  I would just like to be clear about what is required, because if I am incorrect, and the correct answer to one is that they are not the same— then I will not worry about such things in the future.

  However, if the correct answer is suppose to be that they are the same— I am not comfortable teaching my daughter false information. 

Thank you for your consideration.

it was just a fucking fruit…

We’re trying to teach her that it’s okay to question her teacher/assignment, to know what’s expected of her, and that just because they’re teachers (or the people who created this worksheet in this case) doesn’t always mean that the information that’s given is always true.

Even if it is something as simple as questioning a mirrored fruit, it’s not really about the fruit—it’s mainly for the lesson learned.

Jesus Christ, your child is going to grow up so fucked up and insufferable. Poor girl.



As said by IFL science

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